I Offer Hosting!!

I have added hosting services to my offers! Over the last few months I have been doing more developing and consulting work. The last few projects have been business sites with some managed services thrown in. But the part I always struggled with is where to host the sites I work on. So I have solved the problem by offering my own hosting services through various highly rated businesses.

What does that mean?

Well now, instead of having a client register with a 3rd party hosting site and having to work around their services, but providing my own hosting solution, it gives me the flexibility to to really give me clients the best solution for the right price. If you are looking for a fully Managed Solution for your current or future project, contact me and we’ll start the process!

If you are just looking for a hosting solution and want to mange the site yourself the head over to my hosting page to see what we offer. If you don’t find a plan that fits your need, just contact me and I’ll see how I can help you out!

Why a different site?

Confused on why you get redirected to another site? To help me keep this blog a mix of business and personal, I have created a site that is dedicated for the hosting, support and other service based material. So don’t worry when you are redirected to rdedevelopment.com, it is still me!